Open Tunnel Ufone File download 2022 Open Tunnel New Ufone File

Hello friends i hope you knew that Open Tunnel Ufone File has been arrived i am sure noone will give you this file but today we are providing you this amazing file for free internet on your Ufone sim card

You just have to download Open Tunnel Vpn from playstore and then import this file in vpn file link will be given below just download the file and enjoy free internet on Ufone sim


How to download and import Open tunnel Ufone File Today

First of all download open tunnel vpn from playstore all methods are completely mentioned below after finished installing open tunnel vpn you just have to download its file from link given bottom of this article.

Open your open tunnel vpn and then in the left corner of your mobile screen will be icon of files tab on it and two options will appear there, just tab on import file, it will redirect you to your file manger.

Select the folder where you have been downloaded the file and then click on the file if you click the file it will be imported automatically,

after doing that all open your data connection but make sure your data is on ufone simcard and then click on connect in your vpn after couple of seconds you will see a green colour written connected now you can use unlimited free internet


How to download Open Tunnel VPN

First of all you have to open your playstore in your mobile device and then search there Open tunnel and tab on that there will be a Button named install just press on it,

In few minutes Open tunnel vpn will be downloaded its depending on your internet connection if how longer time it will take to download


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How to download Open Tunnel app on Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the app store for Android. It offers a wide variety of apps that are available to download to your Android device.

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How to install Open Tunnel app on Google Play Store

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How to open Open Tunnel app on Google Play Store

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