Lock Watch Thief Catcher Premium App For Android Apk Download 2022

Lock Watch Thief Catcher Premium App For Android Apk Download

If your phone has been stolen or lost anywhere so this app will help you to catch that thief or the user who try to unlock your phone, if anyone tries to unlock your device and uses the wrong password then lock Watch app will take a photo/selfie of that person and send to your email,

Lock Watch is too lite and smooth its size is just only 920KB means less than 1MB of this app size, it has general and premium features, in general, you can have an email notification that sends an image or photo of that user who tries to unlock, basically you have to create your four digits password from this app in your phone,

Lock app takes every person photo that entered the wrong password to unlock your phone, and send you the current location also by your phone GPS location, with the help of this app you can locate the thief who has stolen your phone,

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Features of Lock app

  • it will take a silent photo of a user who use the wrong password to unlock your phone
  • With GPS and wifi, you can locate the location of your phone
  • Before the phone shut down it will send you a photo and location on your email
  • no need for any third-party lock screens
  • This app is too small and only works when if use the wrong password

Premium Features

  • it will send more photos of the thief in your email
  • Send you an audio click that you can hear what’s happening around
  • If someone inserts a new sim card into your phone it will get notified by email


To use lock watch you have to use the four-digit password in this app, if someone used the correct password within 10 seconds of the previous wrong password then lock watch will not send you any email, this app is just for educational propose we are not guaranteed for any kind of damage or illegal use

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