150 Lightroom Mobile Presets Free Download 2024 – Top 150+ Lightroom Presets Download

in age of smartphones photo editing is common and everyone want to enhance their photos, Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing application for photographers and photo editors, in just clicks now you can edit your photo and make it more attractive and unique with just one lightroom mobile presets.


What is Lightroom Mobile Presets?

Before we talk about Lightroom mobile presets let’s know that what actually is this, in common words presets are pre-defined settings that you can easily apply to your photos for amazing looks and styles, with these settings you can easily adjust color, contrast, exposure, and other parameters that effects your image appearance.

Lightroom is a mobile version Adobe Photo editing application, with the help of this application you can easily import prestes to your images for enhancing your photo, that means now you can easily edit your photo anywhere without the help of computer or other applications.


Why Use Lightroom Mobile Presets?

  • Time-Saving: When you are editing photos it takes more time especially when you are editing more photos, with the help of Lightroom presets now you don’t need to edit or customize every corner of photo, so you dont need to waste more time in that
  • Accessibility: With the help of Lightroom you easily edit your photos anywhere and anytime, even you are traveling or just sitting anywhere you can easily edit your photos
  • Customization: With Presets you can easily and quickly edit your photos they are highly customizable, for making your photos more unique you can adjust intensity of presets


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How to Use Lightroom Mobile Presets?

You can easily use Lightroom Mobile Presets in your mobile because its so simple and easy to use, even you are a beginner you can use presets in Lightroom, if you dont know how to use presets in Lightroom then here is a step-by-step follow this carefully

  1. Download and Install Lightroom Mobile: If you have installed Lightroom in your mobile then you can easily download this application from your playstore or App Store this application is free to use
  2. Import Presets: When you are done installing Lightroom mobile app then you have to import presets in this application, you can make your own presets also there otherwise you can download presets from link given below
  3. Apply Presets: After done importing presets you can edit or customise your photos, for applying prests you have to open an image in Lightoom and tab in presets icon and then choose presets that you like to apply on your photo, lightroom will automatically apply preset on your photo, it will enhance your photo
  4. Adjust Settings (Optional): If you have to customise prets depending on your photo then you can also do that there in Lightoom settings for example; exposure, contrast, saturation, and many more
  5. Save and Share: Once you done editing your photo now you can tab on checkmark and share it anywhere on social media or you can save it to your device


Download 150 Lightroom Mobile Presets



Lightroom Mobile Presets are one of the best and easy way to edit or customise your photos anywhere in just few steps, even you are an expert or still new you can easily and quickly edit your photos with the help of this Lightroom Mobile Presets

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